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Prodim news

TOPwindows - The Netherlands

Folkert: “The 2D surveying of ship windows offers many advantages over manual molding, including the time savings, accuracy, and the fact that measurements can be taken without dismantling the existing windows.”

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JM Stone Inc - USA

Julio: “Thanks to the Proliner we are able to have all files in a digital format which makes it possible to stop using the tempera or wooden templates.”

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Okitop - Italy

Francesco Bisogno: “Our experience with the Proliner has been fantastic, some special reliefs that used to take a long time to be templated before, are now extremely practical to be measured.”

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The Boat Lift Company - USA

Paul: “I decided to invest in the Proliner Canvas Package because the Proliner is the easiest to use and most accurate machine I could find on the market.”

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The Deck Savers - USA

John: “We just worked on a project for a beautiful 2020 32′ Concept and the Proliner made sure every corner was measured properly.”

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