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More digital templating solutions

Canvas & Textile

Complete digital templating solutions for the Canvas & Textile industry


The canvas industry often uses the Proliner to digitize existing templates. The Proliner can handle any kind of template; even large templates can be digitized easily. This kind of work is often two-dimensional. The digital templates can be sent to the CNC cutting machine for production.

Larger gains are achieved by companies that use the portable measurement device for digital templating on-site. These measurements are often in 3D. The Proliner Canvas Package offers the best solution for portable 2D and 3D digital measurements for the canvas industry. After the measurement, the design can be edited in CAD. The CAD drawing can be translated into the required 2D cutting dimensions. The digital drawing can be used to operate your CNC machine, to print or cut your plots, or as a basis for your design.

User experiences from within the Canvas & Textile industry

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Set-out and check your digital plan in 2D or 3D


Reference your digital plan to reality and let the Proliner Survey direct you to the target. Proliner Survey consists of two tools: the Proliner and the Survey app (for android). The app on your phone or tablet in combination with the Proliner will guide you to the fixing point on the construction site with very high accuracy. Mark the targets by following the instruction on your phone.

Inspect job-sites, produced products to assure compliance with the master data. Check if the object matches the contracted specifications and regulations.

Visit the Proliner Survey product page


Blue Ridge Rubber – USA


Chandler: “We are so happy we can get our jobs done faster and with perfection which is great for us and also for our customers!“ Read more.

Prodim-Proliner-user-Nautica fam - 2

Nautica Fam – Italy


Francesco: “Now we just wear the backpack with the Proliner on our shoulders and take it to the place where we can perform the measurement and that’s it!” Read more.


Van den Hende – Belgium


Pascal and Victor: “With the Proliner, everything is done only once: we go 1 time to the customer, we measure, make and fit it once!” Read more.



Prodim Proliner users Ronnox and Warby Metal & Wood Design

Ronnox and Warby Metal & Wood Design – NL

Ron and Remco: “ The Proliner provides us the confidence to take on all the extreme projects without any hesitation!” Read more.