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Proliner Survey

Proliner IS Survey: Set-out and check your 3D design

Reference your digital plan to reality and let the Proliner IS Survey direct you to the target. Proliner IS Survey 3D consists of two tools: the Proliner 10X IS and the Survey app (for android). The app on your phone or tablet in combination with the Proliner will guide you to the fixing point on the construction site with very high accuracy. Mark the targets by following the instruction on your phone.

The Proliner IS Survey is more reliable than traditional methods. The accuracy and flexibility of the Proliner makes it possible to manage any layout or surveying challenge on-site.

CAD Based Inspection: Check your design for quality control

The Proliner IS Survey is also suitable for the quality control of your measurements, CAD designs, blueprints and positioning. Inspect job-sites, produced products to assure compliance with the master data. Check if the object matches the contracted specifications and regulations.

Proliner CS Survey: Set-out your digital plan (2D)


When you have your digital drawing, the next step is to determine where the right positioning is on the job site. Proliner CS Survey is a flexible and easy to use tool to layout your drawing on site. Proliner CS Survey exists out of two tools: the Proliner CS and the Survey app (for android).

Let the Proliner CS Survey tools do all the lay-out work, so you can work fast and have the reliable outcome you desire: your drawing quickly and correctly set out in the field. Everything you set out will match your digital plan.