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Complete digital templating solutions for the marine industry


The Proliner is developed to be used for all types of measurements. Whether it is a (curved) deck, ship window or door, canvas cover or railing, the Proliner significantly reduces the time needed to measure and digitize projects. You can create accurate digital templates in only minutes. This saves time and money on material by preventing measuring errors.

The digital files (DXF) can be sent directly to the production department or to the supplier. The installer gets exactly what he asks for faster than before, making installation a much easier task.

Customers are more satisfied due to the fact that (on-site) measurement time is greatly reduced and quality is raised.

Main Prodim products for the marine industry

Prodim Proliner 8CS Canvas package

Proliner Canvas Package


The complete solution for improving your digital templating process of canvas constructions, on-site as well as in the office. More information

Prodim Proliner 8X CS Decking package

Proliner Decking Package


A complete digital templating solution for decking. Provides all the tools you need to make sure your decking projects get done easier, faster and precise. More information

Prodim Proliner 8X CS

Proliners – Generation X


Proliner packages are based on the latest Proliner Generation X models that come with dedicated templating apps. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site. Get the best flow ever! More information

Prodim Proliner Smartphone Apps

Prodim smartphone apps


Various apps designed to help provide the best digital templating flow. Like the Proliner File Transfer app for sending Proliner project data from on-site directly to the office. More information

Screenshots - Prodim Factory software - Stone industry solutionsProdim Factory software - Marine industry solutions

Prodim Factory software


Prodim Factory software for decking. See how easy it is to design your boat deck using Prodim Factory desktop software. Watch the video

Prodim Proliner IPT

Proliner IPT


The Proliner IPT add-on is used for measuring hard-to-reach points and therefore a frequently used in the Yacht Building industry. More information

Prodim Plotter

Prodim Plotter


The Prodim Plotter is a flatbed solution which can be used for boat cover cutting, shade sail design, marine canvas, awnings and more industrial fabric applications. More information

Prodim Proliner accessories

Proliner Accessories


Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extension pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen. More information

User experiences from within the marine industry