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The Proliner enables business expansion for Express Upholstery Supply

Express Upholstery Supply, from Orlando, Florida (USA), is a company that has dedicated his main activities to the retail, wholesale and distribution of all kind of products for the upholsterer, with a wide variety of materials for all needs including furniture and car upholstery. Recently owner Rodolfo decided to expand his business transforming from solely being a supply store to the canvas industry to include offering their own in house marine decking.

Rodolfo: “We decided to go for the Proliner Decking package with the Inverted Pen Technology® (IPT) because we want to modernize our company. The Proliner saves us time during measurements on-site and during production. On top of that, all templates can be recorded in our digital database and re-used providing an efficient workflow. The Inverted Pen Technology® (IPT) add-on helps us for measuring those hard-to-reach points with ease and flexibility. It is a fantastic combination of amazing products for digital templating solutions.’’

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