Upcoming exhibitions and events Prodim is present at:

Glass Build America 2020 – Las Vegas, USA

15-Sep-2020 - 17-Sep-2020

There is a clear distinction in the requirements for creating digital templates for flat glass constructions and (double) curved glass constructions, we will present our complete digital templating solutions for both at GlassBuild America.

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IBEX 2020 – Tampa, USA

29-Sep-2020 - 01-Oct-2020

Prodim will demonstrate the accuracy, speed and versatility of the unique Proliner technology to create digital templates for boat decks, windows and doors, interiors, covers, tops, railings and more!

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Marmomac 2020 – Verona, Italy

30-Sep-2020 - 03-Oct-2020

Prodim can offer any stone templater and fabricator a complete digital templating solution to help their business grow! We invite you to meet us at Marmomac to discuss your tailored stone package and get started!

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Glasstec 2021 – Düsseldorf, Germany

15-Jun-2021 - 18-Jun-2021

The flow from templating trough to the factory is better than ever! With the Proliner series and our additional glass industry software we can offer any fabricator a tailored glass package solution for improving their templating and production processes.

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