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The Proliner is leading in measuring Furniture, Doors and Windows

GIF Image - Prodim Proliner - Complete Digital Templating Solutions for the Furniture, Door and Window Industry

Prodim originally developed the Proliner specifically for the door industry. For many years now, Prodim has supplied the industry with accurate measurement tools and more.

With the Proliner it takes seconds to create a digital drawing for every opening. The digital templating device is an efficient and accurate tool for the Door & Window industry that will increase productivity enormously. It will help create a finished product with an even reveal and seamless connection. With the Proliner it is so easy to create a digital file that the new challenge is to automatically CNC those files.

Prodim has also automated factories worldwide by linking the measurement files with the production. Our vast experience in CAD/CAM automation for door factories worldwide to cope with digital measurements is unsurpassed. We can honestly say we changed the industry.

Main Prodim products for the Furniture, Door & Window Industry


An overview of the main Prodim products developed for and used by Furniture, Door and Window fabricators. Visit the product pages for more detailed information.

Prodim Proliner - Furniture, Door and Window package

Proliner Furniture, Door & Window package


For measuring generic openings and all types of doors and windows. The package contains a Proliner with digital templating software to edit and export Proliner measurement data as DXF – PDF files. More information

Prodim Proliner Door Package

Proliner Door Pro package


For specialized door fabricators: the complete customized interior door solution for automated operations. More information

Prodim Proliner CS Series

Proliners – Generation X


Proliner packages are based on the latest Proliner Generation X models that come with dedicated templating apps. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site. Get the best flow ever! More information

Prodim Proliner Smartphone Apps

Prodim smartphone apps


Various apps designed to help provide the best digital templating flow. Like the Proliner File Transfer app for sending Proliner project data from on-site directly to the office. More information

Prodim Proliner accessories

Proliner Accessories


Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like the long and short extension pieces for measuring hard to reach spots. More information

User experiences from within the Furniture, Door & Window industry


EM Deuren – The Netherlands


Erik: “Digital templating with the Proliner is perfect! There are no mistakes and inaccuracies involved!” Read more.


Lowcountry Window and Door – USA

James: “ The Proliner will not only help us to get tougher jobs done really accurate, but helps save valuable time as well!’’ Read more.


Smaling Deuren & Kozijnen – The Netherlands

Owner Jaap: “We invested in our first Proliner 20 years ago and that gave the company an enormous productivity boost.” Read more.

Prodim - Proliner - user- CSM - Doors

CSM Doors – United Kingdom


Michael: “Because of the Proliner’s accuracy, measuring mistakes are avoided and therefore doors can be installed more quickly!” Read more.

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