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Prodim Proliner user Lowcountry Window and Door

The Proliner is a great fit for Lowcountry Window and Door

Father and son, team James and James have been in the window business for around 40 years. Their company, Lowcountry Window and Door, started taking on tougher jobs and doing refits on historic buildings and needed a solution to get quick accurate digital templates to keep quality high and use their time wisely. They therefore invested in the Proliner digital templating package.

James: “We have heard and seen from friends in the window business that they were not impressed by the accuracy of laser technology and we were recommended to try something else. After seeing the Proliner in action, we knew that this would be a great fit for our business.

We are very excited to see our projects get finished with top-notch fitment. The Proliner will not only help us to get tougher jobs done really accurate, but helps save valuable time as well!’’


Prodim Proliner user Lowcountry Window and Door - Window measurement screenshot