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EM Deuren: “With the Proliner, we can install finished products with a seamless connection!”

EM Deuren is a company located in Dongen, in the Netherlands, with more than 20 years of experience in the selling and installation of doors. After having seen another company using the Proliner on location, they were impressed and decided to go for the Proliner Furniture, Door & Window package. Erik, from the company, is enthusiastic about sharing his experience:

“Digital templating with the Proliner is perfect! There are no mistakes and inaccuracies involved! We can easily install finished products (door frames) with a seamless connection. Further, all the features of the Proliner help us organize project measurement data, which makes the process from measuring to production faster, easier, and more efficient. The Proliner is a great tool that makes our work run smoothly and we are very happy with it!”

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