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Prodim: Canvas & Textile industry user experiences and references

NuWave Composites - U.S.A

Since integrating the Proliner into their workflow, NuWave Composites has experienced heightened efficiency and accuracy in project execution

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HalverSails - The Netherlands

This investment in the Proliner underscores HalverSails’ commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, positioning them as a leader in the sailmaking industry for years to come.

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Marvella - The Netherlands

With the Proliner’s advanced capabilities, Marvella Vastgoed B.V. is poised to elevate their precision, streamline their processes, and deliver even higher-quality products to their clientele.

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Jean's Canvas Products - USA

Mr. Rich Amorino: “The amount of work we can pass off to be done with the Proliner is awesome. It’s shown its value in every scenario we’ve put it up against so far.”

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Ancra - Croatia

Ivan said: “The Proliner is essential to us. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to handle all the intricate projects we deal with on a daily basis.”

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