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Prodim: Canvas & Textile industry user experiences and references

Köster Sails - The Netherlands

Hugo and André: “We are happy to say that the templating time has decreased significantly and the continuity of our whole company’s work has increased, because of the Proliner.”

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Infinitos - The Netherlands

Willy and Wallace: “The Proliner shortens our lead time and the translation from physical moulds to digital templates used for production with our CNC machinery is extremely precise!”

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Luxsea - Slovenia

Luka: “By digitizing our measuring process with the Proliner, templates are created much faster. It works very well and without any problems!”

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Sciacca's Upholstering & Design Center - USA

Paul and Sandra: “Initially we were planning on using the Proliner for marine upholstery applications, but after the training we are also excited to turn the manual templates and patterns we have into digital files!”

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