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With the Proliner, Nautica FAM is able to perform jobs that are precise to the tenth of a millimeter!

Nautica FAM di Loffredo F. & C. Snc is a company from Tuscany, Italy, made up of specialized craftsmen who have been operating in the nautical sector for thirty years now but also in different fields and specially on custom made projects (with Polyethylene and Corian), at the customer’s request. Their specialties range from the production of tanks for drinking water, diesel fuel tanks, containers for batteries and the coating of cold rooms to the processing of “Corian” such as hobs, bathroom claddings and more. Francesco Loffredo tells more about why he is sure the Proliner is the best investment for their company:

“Our company works with customization in different areas, so any job that does not have a detailed project provided by the customers needs one or more templates. In order to make them, we need an extension cable to have the electric current, plywood sticks, hot gun with refills, and all the cutting and grinding tools; so it takes a long time to prepare everything. But now we no longer need all of the above; we just wear the backpack with the Proliner on our shoulders and take it to the place where we can perform the measurement and that’s it! We use it now for kitchen and bathroom tops, on grating for showers, on customized logos, for parts of tanks of a particular shape, for instrumentation panels on boats, teak decks, etc. We also work with CNC machines and the Proliner works with the same program in DXF, which allows us to have the perfect shape we need.

The role of the Proliner is fundamental in our work because in addition to allowing a well-known saving in processing times, we are also able to perform jobs that are precise to the tenth of a millimeter and we are able to optimize the material we have to cut up to 95%. Our experience with the Proliner is still beginning, but it is love at first sight because the potential is immense and the result we have had on certain jobs is truly excellent.”


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Some projects made with the help of the Proliner: