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Prodim news

J.K. Glass - Belgium

Jean: “We choose for the Proliner because it provides the most precise measurement results, helps to avoid mistakes and decreases our templating time.”

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The Sign Savers - USA

Carlos, Gabriel and Gianni: “We see lots of opportunities! The Proliner and Factory software quickly provide accurate digital templates for any surface we want to place our product on.”

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Mirror Works - USA

Nermin, Taylor and Richard: “The refresher training was a great experience for all of us. The new knowledge will definitely further improve our production process!”

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Marine O Customs - USA

Michael: We decided to go for the Proliner Decking package because we are in the business of turning boats around fast and deliver the highest quality of work.

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Köster Sails - The Netherlands

Hugo and André: “We are happy to say that the templating time has decreased significantly and the continuity of our whole company’s work has increased, because of the Proliner.”

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Infinitos - The Netherlands

Willy and Wallace: “The Proliner shortens our lead time and the translation from physical moulds to digital templates used for production with our CNC machinery is extremely precise!”

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