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Prodim news

Ligne Pierre - Belgium

Frans: “When we decided to expand the company we looked at many solutions that would help us achieve that. We even received demos but we immediately realized it was not what we were looking for in our business. Until we finally came across the Proliner.”

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Decon S.A - Greece

Antonis Exintaris told us: “We couldn’t be happier! We take all 2D measurements and create drawings for our production, with 0 mistakes!” Read on.

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Agra sp z.o.o - Poland

Rafal Szponar: “Since using the Proliner, the design process – which was always the longest in the entire production stage, now takes us only several minutes.” Read more

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CreoGlass Design - United Kingdom

“The Proliner is exceptionally accurate and allows us to create complex splashback shapes with no error when getting to the fitting stage.  We highly recommend it!“

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Sigvartsen Steinindustri - Norway

Sigvartsen Steinidustri: “The Proliner help us to deliver the best quality products to our customers and avoids misunderstandings between the templator and the fabricator!”

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