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Zeilmakerij Witte BV: “The Proliner allows us to give our customers better, broader, and more accurate work!”

Founded in 1909 by Catharina Witte and based in Breda, Zeilmakerij Witte BV, the Netherlands, is an industrial sail-making business, and specializes in everything except sails for sailboats.
Zeilmakerij Witte BV has become well known for offering custom-made, fitting products and attending to all customers’ needs.
The need for a smarter solution in measuring, made Zeilmakerij Witte BV look on the internet and found the Proliner, although the first time seeing the Proliner was during a Sailmaking trade fair. They have also heard about it from customers who are sailmakers.
After checking all the possibilities, they concluded that no other solution was comparable with the Proliner: they chose the Proliner for being efficient, accurate, and for speeding up the whole templating process.
Zeilmakerij Witte BV has invested in the Proliner Canvas package.
Rob van den Besselaar, Jolanda Leemans and Lobke Dinnissen, part of the Dutch company, came for training at Prodim in January 2024. They proudly share with us:
We want to start doing everything digitally, drawings for work and cutting. Everything that can be done digitally, we want to do it digitally. It will allow us to offer our customers better, broader, and more accurate work!”

They concluded:
“We will use the Proliner for customized covers, veranda covers, boat covers, trailer covers, shade cloths, garden net covers, outdoor kitchen covers, and fairground covers. But also for digitizing templates. The templates will be kept when the customer wants to modify or expand something.
Lastly, I would like to point out that the training session was very helpful and it was nice to do it with the team. We believe that the Proliner will allow us to complete even more challenging projects from customers! Challenge will never shy us away!”

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