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Ancra: “There is no tool in the market that would have allowed me to achieve this result!”

In the early 2000s, Ancra – a Croatian company located in Split –  opened its operation based on the family tradition of sewing. It began in a small shop in Trogir. The small project soon became the main activity: meeting the needs of big distributors and moving production to Split.

Over the years, they’ve looked for ways to do a faster job with higher quality. This is their standard to convey to everyone who works with them. This approach led to much innovation, but also to new challenges. It was for this reason that they acquired the Proliner Canvas Package five years ago. Ivan said: “The Proliner is essential to us. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to handle all the intricate projects we deal with on a daily basis.”

Experience and innovation now allow them to work in a diverse spectrum of projects, from boat canvas, boat cushions and boat interiors, to standard furniture upholstery as well as maintenance of vehicle interiors. In recent months, they completed the canvas cover for Aurum Sky, a luxury yacht that sails along the Adriatic. Despite the daunting nature of the project, Ivan was able to digitally template the entire yacht in just 3 hours with the Proliner.

Ivan told us all about this project:
“The customer’s demands were clear: they wanted to protect the complete deck and equipment for the winters to come. With all the years of experience and all the Proliner tricks we already knew, we divided the project into 4 sections (railings, mast, bow, and stern of the boat). Then we connected the fixed reference points previously measured.”

“We used a few leaps on the upper part and then we went upstairs. We continued with the corners, and then we repeated this for the back and front. Then we did the same: another leap, another 7 meters, another point in the upper part, separately and use these points for connection. We did the whole forward area, which was bigger and wider, in one go. This one was done separately, with some connecting parts with the upper part.”

“I did it all by myself, it’s a one-person job with the Proliner! While it was a challenge due to the space, (especially on the sides to capture the edges capturing the railings and watching out for the angles) the results speak for themselves: they are just fantastic!”

He concluded: “There is no tool in the market that would have allowed me to achieve this: our craziest, biggest project so far. I could have used templates and worked with Trigonometry or something alternate, but It wouldn’t be as precise. We are extremely satisfied.
For our customer, doing maintenance on deck will no longer be weather dependent. And if the yacht needs to be relocated, huge flybridge windows allow for navigation with the cover on”

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