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Prodim news

Dekt Out - USA

Kaileigh DiFabrizio: “As soon as we got our Proliner, the production increased substantially, and material waste decreased to almost none!”

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Sauer GmbH - Germany

Genti Herri: “No matter the condition of the measurement, the weather, or the light, the Proliner does a brilliant job! To summarise, with it, we can measure everything, everywhere!”

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Hound Dog CNC - USA

Tom Moore: “I usually measure 2-5 projects each trip. I mostly do console reconstructions but I also take measurements to send to large yacht builders. None of this would be possible without the help of the Proliner!”

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Nauti-Express - Venezuela

Nauti-Express: “Since it is a mechanical templating tool, the implementation of the Proliner in our field (Nautical Flooring), allows us to manufacture parts to the exact measurement, thus eliminating material losses due to inadequate measurements!”

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Zelt Haase - Germany

Silke and Jan: “The Proliner works fast and is accurate, which are very important factors to us and our business. On top of that, we obtain beautiful end results!”

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Marine Tops Unlimited - USA

Marine Tops Unlimited: “Until now, we have only been building enclosures using our Proliner. This week, for the first time, we used it to digitally measure a pontoon and build the cover in CAD!”

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