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Phoenix Worktops Ltd: “Our team knew we could rely on the Proliner’s speed and accuracy to meet our deadline”

Located in Central England, Phoenix Worktops are specialized in the fabrication and supply of luxury Granite and Quartz worktops.

They pride themselves on fabricating and fitting quartz and granite worktops to the highest standards with over 16 years of experience. In the past few years, they have used state-of-the-art digital templating technology since investing in the Proliner Stone Package. In combination with their CNC machinery, these tools enable them to achieve and deliver their projects with amazing accuracy.

Katie Moxon was very proud to share their most recent and impactful project with us:

“We did a TV show called DIY SOS – The Big Build for Children in Need. In this show, people volunteer to help build a new house or in this case, a centre for women and girls at social risk called The Getaway Girls. We volunteered to do the worktops and vanity units for free.”

As for the time constraint, she said: “The Proliner really came in handy, as you can see from the sinks and the final result, they had very odd shapes, and we had to use the scribe function on the Proliner to template them. Also, since it’s a volunteer job for a TV show, there was a tight deadline and it required us to do it extremely quickly. The Proliner made it possible for us to template, manufacture and fit the worktops, within 17 hours. There would have been no way to accomplish this without the Proliner. Our team knew we could rely on the Proliner’s speed and accuracy to meet our deadline.”



Phoenix Worktops Ltd works daily with the Proliner, which makes their tasks easier and more efficient. Katie explained more:

“In our day-to-day business, the Proliner makes our turnaround times very quick, it’s so accurate that we know every fit will be millimetre perfect. This means that when we fit, we can do it with confidence and not waste valuable time making alterations on-site. By using a Proliner, we can template from a car, again saving fuel, and we can also assess truck access when it comes time to do the installation.”

“The Proliner has definitely been a game changer for our business, we would recommend it to anyone. Prodim’s team are beyond professional, they are always at the end of the phone or email if you have any queries and are quick to help out.”


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