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Solar car Nuna 9 is measured and checked with the Proliner

Nuon Solar Team used the Proliner to measure and create accurate 3D templates of the molds they produced for Nuna9. The team then compared the digital templates of the molds with their computer designs to eliminate any deviations for getting the best aerodynamic performance.

2017 is Prodim's record breaking Marmomac

Marmomac 2017 has been extremely busy for us and the results exceeded all our expectations. It has been a crazy week and this is what happened.

Keeping up with the increased demand for Proliners

After record breaking sales figures in the first half of 2017, there is a continuing trend in the increased demand for Proliners. We have already added staff to our sales support team and are doing our utmost to answer all incoming request as soon as possible!

Limited contact with Prodim USA due to hurricane Irma

Of course we are still available for all your sales and support questions. Visit this page for more information on the best way to get into contact with us.

Fayt: There is no templating tool with similar capabilities as the Proliner

Jos D'Hoe: "We do a lot of measuring beyond fabrication hours, so besides saving time for our company, the Proliner will provide more valuable free time as well."

Multiplasticos uses the Proliner to digitize flooring of cars and vans

Luis Marquez: "The Proliner is easy, fast and precise. I can’t wait to show it off and see how shocked everyone will be with how easy it is to use."

Granitos Victor chooses the Proliner since it measures best

Victor Rodriguez: "The Proliner will make our measuring process faster and more effective. It will also make sure that the fabricated stone constructions will fit on-site."

The Proliner will help Outdoor Custom Concepts to grow faster

Doug Mullins: "After many hours of research I figured the Proliner is the best for our boat decking jobs, as well as most efficient."

The Proliner enabled Cabinets & Granite Direct to increase production

Cabinets & Granite Direct recognizes the value in employee knowledge and invested in a Proliner training for their employees, which in turn created new opportunities to improve their company.

The Proliner has changed Planet Granite for the better

Ryan Dejong: "The Proliner is still the most efficient and versatile template system in the stone industry. We are a very high volume company and can honestly say that I don’t know where we would be without our Proliners. Thank you again!”

The Proliner will improve the template process of Royston Glass

Andrew Rawson: "We wanted to improve our template process and after comparing different digital templating tools we concluded that the Proliner provides the most accurate digital templates and is easiest to work with."

TLC Surfaces invests in the Proliner to increase their daily production

Mike Alicea, owner of TLC Surfaces: "It was an easy decision to purchase a Proliner, since it will fulfill our needs to create more accurate templates and increase the number of kitchen and bathroom projects measured per day."

The team of MF Italian Marble I&D will sleep better using the Proliner

Michele Fabbri: "We can trust in the Proliner's accuracy. Therefore the Proliner will definitely give us a better rest at night when working on projects easily covering values of tens of thousands of Pounds"