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Marvella is committed in staying ahead in the industry with the Proliner

Marvella, based in Veghel, the Netherlands, has established itself as a leading specialist in processing all types of cloth and tarpaulin. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and utilizing the most modern machines, Marvella excels in producing everything from caravan awnings, parasols, veranda walls, to impressive advertising banners, covers for party tents and garden sets, etc.

Recognized as a reliable partner for repairs and adjustments, Marvella’s dedication to excellence has culminated in a modern sailmaking facility staffed by a skilled and enthusiastic team.

Having honed their craftsmanship over the years, Marvella understands the importance of precision and efficiency in their operations. Hence, their decision to invest in the Proliner Canvas package in 2023 was a natural progression. Introduced to the Proliner through their supplier of CNC machinery, Bosch, Marvella recognized the potential of this cutting-edge technology early on. From 2018, they were in direct contact with Prodim, and by 2023, they made the strategic leap to integrate the Proliner into their workflow.

This investment signifies Marvella’s commitment to staying ahead in their industry. With the Proliner’s advanced capabilities, they are poised to elevate their precision, streamline their processes, and deliver even higher-quality products to their clientele. Marvella’s decision to embrace the Proliner underscores their dedication to innovation and excellence, ensuring they remain a reliable partner for years to come.


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