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Glass Tailors is crafting perfection with their Proliner Glass Package

Glass Tailors, a company located in London, adopts a fully bespoke approach to ensure that every aspect of its glass installations is individually tailored to customers’ requirements. Specializing in a range of products including kitchen splashbacks, mirrors, frameless showers, balustrades, and more, the company prides itself on its attention to detail.

With over 20 years of expertise in the glass industry, the team at Glass Tailors possesses an in-depth understanding of all the necessary steps involved in the design, manufacturing, and installation of glass products. The company has invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure precision and accuracy, enabling them to create glass products that perfectly match customers’ wishes. One essential tool in achieving this level of accuracy is their Proliner Glass Package.

Having utilized the Proliner for the past couple of years, Glass Tailors leverages its exceptional accuracy and portability to seamlessly move from project site to project site, consistently delivering impeccable results.
Pradip Patel, the owner of the company, expressed his satisfaction with the Proliner’s functionalities, stating: “Our commitment to our customers is to provide exceptional service and outstanding quality in the design, manufacture, and installation of their glass features. The Proliner reassures us that all measurements will fit perfectly and that our projects will be delivered in a timely manner.”


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