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Unividros: “Excellence in this type of project can only be achieved when special tools are used, such as the Proliner!”

Unividros was founded in 1989, in Tubarão, in the province of Santa Catarina, in Brazil, as a small shop selling and providing services for the glass industry. They manufacture curved and tempered glass for the most diverse applications and sectors. In addition to Santa Catarina, the company has units in Porto Alegre, Santa Maria, Passo Fundo, and Alvorada, in the province of Rio Grande do Sul. The company has customers throughout Brazil, providing innovative products for civil construction, the furniture industry, refrigeration, decoration, and lighting, among others, and always striving for quality production. The investment in new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment allows the company to offer increasingly technological products and services with different sizes and patterns, including customized ones, according to projects and requirements. Having the Proliner Glass package by their side, they easily delivered an amazing project – the first steel and glass platform in Latin America, the Skyglass:

“Skyglass is an unprecedented structure in Brazil. Among the attractions are: the largest glass platform in the world and the only one in Latin America, the ”Abusado”, and also the Iron and Iron Memorial, with an unusual collection that tells the story of this millenary activity. The project was built in one year, had an investment of more than R$ 30 million (thirty million reais), and is focused on preserving the environment, including a modern treatment plant for liquid and solid waste, which achieves 98% water purity at the end of the process.

Built with more than 500 tons of concrete, steel, and glass, Skyglass is a suspended structure that extends over the Vale da Ferradura, as a point of observation and leisure for visitors. The platform is 68 meters long, 35 meters cantilevered, with a total height of 360 meters above the valley. It is built in steel and glass, supported by steel cables, and allows observation of the local natural beauty. The structure also supports the “Abusado”, equipment with chairs suspended from a monorail, 360 meters above the level of the River Caí, through which visitors can access the highest point of the structure.

The city of Canela, in the Serra gaúcha, is already recognized for the various leisure and tourism options it offers visitors from all over Brazil and abroad. In recent months, the region has gained even more acclaim in this sector, with the launch of Skyglass, in Vale da Ferradura, a region full of natural beauty.

Unividros was responsible for the production of the glass pieces that make up the enterprise. In the 90 square meters of the walkway floor, 34 pieces of a set of multi-laminated glass were used, which uses extra clear glass, produced in Brazil by Cebrace. Its main characteristics are safety and transparency. Each piece is made of four 10mm-thick sheets of glass, which are tempered and laminated with Sentryglas, an ionoplastic interlayer produced by the multinational Kuraray, which guarantees total safety. Each square meter of glass floor has a capacity of up to 500 kg in weight and a wind load of up to 220 km/h. In the railings 42 pieces of extra clear glass were used, curved and straight, tempered, 10mm + 10mm, laminated with Sentryglas.”

According to Sérgio Moreira de Souza, sales manager at Unividros: “Excellence in this type of project can only be achieved when special tools are used, such as the Proliner. The glass parts, especially the curved ones, used by us at Skyglass and in other projects, from the simplest to the most complex, are produced based on measurements made with this amazing digital templating system, the Proliner. It guarantees us the necessary security to manufacture the pieces that provide perfection in the finishing and fittings, depending on your need and versatility in the execution and design process!”

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Project and installation of the glasses: André Aquino

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