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Jens Krüger Bootsbau is Mastering Boat Repairs with the Proliner

Jens Krüger Bootsbau, located in Wees, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, has worked in the boat-building industry for over 20 years, focusing specifically on wood and composites. Their services include the production of teak decks, alternative deck coverings, interior fittings, hatches, boat windows, complete refits, as well as deck alternatives like Esthec.

In addition to careful workmanship, Boostbau Jens Krüger places a great deal of emphasis on minimizing weight and using resources efficiently. Taking these elements in mind, and given the vast array of products and services they offer, the Proliner Decking Package seemed like the best match for them. Their latest projects involving the Proliner focused on the maintenance and refurbishment of damaged boats after a massive storm hit the area. Jens Krüger, the company owner, shared with us about the project’s progress:

“Last fall, a severe storm hit the Baltic Sea, damaging approximately 2,000 ships, with some even sinking. Despite the extensive damage, repairing this motorboat was deemed financially viable due to insurance coverage. The utilization of the Proliner significantly streamlined the repair process. Without the Proliner, a job like this would have required significantly more effort. I am currently undertaking a similar repair involving the replacement of a damaged fiberglass structure. The precision achieved with the Proliner is remarkable. “

As a result of the Proliner’s unique portability, Jens has saved time, money, and unnecessary commutes. He concluded: “I am pleased that I can now produce complex components in my workshop and bring them to the boat later. In addition to my Esthec decking projects, I am now able to complete projects outside my local area that would otherwise have been feasible only with a boat in the shipyard.“

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