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Josh Hodge Marine Services: “The Proliner opens up so many opportunities for our business!”

Josh Hodge Marine Services is a full-service shop, in the marine industry, located in Pompano Beach, in the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, USA. With more than a decade of experience in the field, the company provides maintenance and repair services for all brands of outboards, as well as both engine and electronic service. Besides that, they offer a diverse range of other services such as stereo installation, painting, battery replacement, and more.

Josh Hodge Marine Services prides itself on being able to handle any maritime problem, from simple repairs to custom installation needs.  Their customers are their top priority, and if they are happy, so are Hodge Marine Services! The company is a  proud user of the Proliner Decking Package, using it for flooring projects but also for other purposes.

Josh Hodge, the owner of Hodge marine services, explains:  “In the beginning, we bought the Proliner for flooring purposes, but now I see that it has many other benefits as well, and we are taking advantage of those opportunities! In addition, Prodim USA’s formal training was excellent and, as a result, we now feel like professionals when it comes to using it! The Proliner opens up so many opportunities for our business! We couldn’t be happier.”


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