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Jean’s Canvas Products: “With the Proliner, the pace I can work at, while still maintaining accuracy is phenomenal!”

Established in 1978 and based in Belford, New Jersey, USA, Jean’s Canvas has been a leading full-service custom fabricator, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and installation of commercial and residential awnings, canopies, and shade structures.

With over 40 years of experience, the company caters to a diverse range of clients, offering top-quality canvas products tailored to any application. With a commitment to tradition, integrity, and exceptional customer service, Jean’s Canvas Products is a great choice for architects, engineers, developers, businesses, and homeowners alike. They offer an extensive selection of fabric patterns and colors, ensuring endless possibilities for canvas creations of any style, size, or shape, with a focus on providing the latest, high-quality fabrics for various applications.
By using the Proliner Marine package, Rich Amorino explains how much impact it is causing on the realization of their projects:

The Proliner is absolutely wicked! The pace I can work at, while still maintaining accuracy is phenomenal. Patterns that used to take 2-3 hours are taking now only 25-30 minutes. Instead of 2 people patterning/measuring, I can just go with the backpack. The amount of work we can pass off to be done with the Proliner is awesome. It’s shown its value in every scenario we’ve put it up against. So far it’s been outdoor kitchens, fire pit covers, awnings, a bar enclosure, outdoor furniture covers, some miscellaneous covers, and digitizing plastic templates. I anticipate as we grow with it the results will only get better. I’ve never been excited to have more work before. This is an excellent addition to our shop.”


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