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Prodim: Glass industry user experiences and references

Dresselaers - Belgium

Tom and Wesley: “With the Proliner, we can work faster, saving man-hours and reproducing our measurements precisely.’’

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360 Frameless - South Africa

Stanley: “Since we bought our first Proliner in 2013 we have never looked back! Every glass company should look to invest in one of these machines.”

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Glas Vandoren - Belgium

Kim: “With the Proliner we can have all the files digitally and we don’t need to write anything down from scratch anymore!”

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Vitrerie Couard - Belgium

Mathieu from Vitrerie Couard: “Since we have the Proliner, we spend way less time measuring and achieve shorter lead time for project delivery!”

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KMB Sistem - Croatia

Mr. Bože:  “Templating with manual molds is a practice that no longer fits to the current times. We are proud to say we work with the Proliner!’’

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Proglass - Croatia

Robert: “We are very excited to see our projects get finished with perfect fit in no-time – and that’s due to the Proliner!”

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