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Vidraçaria Lajeadense: “The Proliner creates an innovative concept that meets the company’s strategies!”

Vidraçaria Lajeadense – whose name is derived from the city of Lajeado, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil – is a family business founded in 1958, that values long-term relationships with their customers, suppliers, and collaborators.
Along the 60 years of experience in the glass industry, they focused on the growth and improvement of their products and services provided, by investing in new machinery, equipment, and new technologies sought at the main fairs in Europe and prioritize always the security and comfort of their glass solutions.
Vidraçaria Lajeadense’s specialties lie in different types of glass: duo glass, wall glass, fort glass, and tempered glass – used for projects such as stairs, mirrors, railings, security gates, glass floors, shower cabins, and glass doors among others.
For exacting precision on differentiated projects, Vidraçaria Lajeadense decided to invest in the Proliner Glass package.

Technical templator at Vidraçaria Lajeadense Tiago Ruthner proudly shared with us:
“The Proliner is an excellent tool to work with, creating an innovative concept that meets the company’s strategies. We use it very often for fine measurements and big projects.
My experience is on-site measurements, creating unique projects for each customer with the help of it. The Proliner is also used for measuring templates which have greatly facilitated our internal production process.”

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