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The Proliner allows Miroiterie Ferraris to complete even the most complex projects

Established in 1952 as a family business, Miroiterie Ferraris has been providing glazing and mirror-making services in Paris and its surrounding areas. Rooted in an artisanal spirit across three generations, this glass shop caters to both individuals and professionals, offering tailor-made glass products and personalized services for interior and exterior spaces

Despite evolving over time with investments in technology and the diversification of their offerings, Miroiterie Ferraris remains committed to its core values: operating on a human scale with a focus on teamwork, respect, and an unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

This commitment to technology and work efficiency led them to invest in the Proliner Glass Package. For nearly a decade, Miroiterie Ferraris has been using the Proliner to measure and create beautiful complex glass projects, ensuring precision and a polished finish in each job.

Prodim_Proliner_Glass_Miroiterie Ferraris

Alexandre Ferraris, owner of the company, shared more about the company’s experience:

“We have been working with the Proliner for almost a decade. The Proliner’s precision is undeniable! It ensures every detail is captured and accounted for, speeding up our projects and saving costs. With the use of the Proliner for measuring, complex projects become more accessible and less complicated to carry out. This also translates into tangible cost and time savings.”

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