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With the Proliner, Studio Vetreria D’Addato combines craftsmanship and technology in all their projects

In 1984, Studio Vetreria D’Addato opened its doors in Turin, Italy. Since then, it has specialized in glass design and craftsmanship. Its owner Francesco discovered his passion for glass at the age of 14 thanks to the various experiences gained in the various glassworks in the Turin township and later in the Val di Susa.

The company now provides glassware products such as safety glass, backsplashes, customized shower cabins, crystal furniture, stair balustrades, partition walls, and even crystal shelves. In every step of the installation process, Francesco and his team pay meticulous attention to detail. With their digital measuring services, rendering, and design services, the Proliner Glass Package was a perfect fit.

They proudly guarantee their customers: “Whether it is an interior or exterior project, they are always made-to-measure products and furnishings.”

With the Proliner’s unique technology, they can now measure 2D and 3D digitally for all of their projects, combining craftsmanship and digital technology for a top service.

Mattia D’Addato, the company’s designer, shared his satisfaction regarding one of his projects with us: “This project consisted of a partition wall in the attic of the customer with 8mm gray satin-shaped glass.” This wall was divided into three glass parts (2 fixed and 1 swing door). The Proliner solved the angle problem of the attic and enabled accurate subdivision of the 3 glass parts. It was an excellent investment!”

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