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Prodim: Glass industry user experiences and references

Visser Spiegels & Glas - The Netherlands

Mr. Visser and Mr. Verlangen: “in contrast to the laser, the Proliner will enable us to make accurate digital templates and reduce the amount of time needed to process digital templates in the office.”

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Royston Glass - United Kingdom

Andrew Rawson: “We wanted to improve our template process and after comparing different digital templating tools we concluded that the Proliner provides the most accurate digital templates and is easiest to work with.”

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Instrument Glasses - United Kingdom

Steven and Kevin: “We can use the time we save to take on extra projects and the fact that the Proliner can measure random glass shapes accurately, enables us to expand our business activities and realize even more challenging glass projects!”

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Brüdgam - Germany

B. Rolapp and K. Waligora: “We create more complex glass shapes at Brüdgam each year and the big advantage of the Proliner is that we can use it for flat, bent and complex glass constructions, making it a future-proof investment for our company”

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