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Prodim company news

Agra sp z.o.o - Poland

Rafal Szponar: “Since using the Proliner, the design process – which was always the longest in the entire production stage, now takes us only several minutes.” Read more

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Marine Tops Unlimited - USA

Marine Tops Unlimited: “Until now, we have only been building enclosures using our Proliner. This week, for the first time, we used it to digitally measure a pontoon and build the cover in CAD!”

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Stone4you - Austria

Kwaf: “We can expand and template everything, anywhere!  Our favorite quality has to be the precision of each measurement.”

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Specialised Covers - United Kingdom

“This investment in new technology we hope enables customers to see the scope of what we are able to accomplish and that we welcome the challenging projects no one else can do.”

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JM Stone Inc - USA

Julio: “Thanks to the Proliner we are able to have all files in a digital format which makes it possible to stop using the tempera or wooden templates.”

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