Prodim product solutions for the Wood Industry

Worldwide wood fabricators use the Proliner to measure on-site and gain accurate digital templates. The Proliner is quick, easy and accurate! The Proliner is used for measuring home interiors, doors & windows, kitchen & countertops, stairs, facades, marine and automotive interiors, teak decks and much more.

Most woodworkers spend far too much time measuring manually or making physical templates. This takes time and costs a lot of money. Most of the time these methods are not accurate and cannot be re-used. The templates can also easily get lost or break. The Proliner creates digital templates and delivers the right dimensions as the basis for your design.

With the Proliner you will have a modern, digital solution that helps you optimize productivity and most important, it will reduce costs due to accurate templates! You can create your digital template (DXF) in seconds and export it to any CNC machine or plotter to start producing in only a couple of minutes!

Digital templating with the Proliner is quick, easy and accurate!
  Main applications / solutions
Wood Industry: Templating Door and Window (Frames) Templating Door & Windows (Frames)  
Wood Industry: Templating Kitchen Furniture and Countertops Templating Kitchen Furniture - Countertops  
Wood Industry: Digitize Physical Templates Digitize Physical Templates  
Wood Industry: Templating Stair Treads Templating Stair Treads  
Prodim Factory Templating Marine Teak Decks  
Wood Industry: Templating Marine interiors Templating Marine Interiors  
Wood Industry: Templating Automotive Floors and Interiors Templating Automotive Flooring and Interiors  
Wood Industry: And more And more
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measuring a door openingmeasuring a teak deckmeasuring a window openingmeasuring a countertop


User experiences from within the wood industry

"We are a measuring service agency and thanks to the Proliner we are able to digitize a variety of different projects in several industries like shipbuilding or interior design. We have digitized simple 2D templates as well as complicated 3D interiors."

Bas de Bruijn - 3D Baron - The Netherlands
Euro Marble supply use a Proliner
"We invested in a Proliner for measuring door and window frames of new construction projects. We chose for the Proliner because it is able to make accurate digital templates in a short time, saving us valuable time on the construction site."  

Rob Kortooms - De Brug - USA
More user experiences from within the stone industry

Main Prodim products for the Wood Industry

An overview of the main Prodim products developed for and used by wood fabricators. Visit the product pages for more detailed information.
Proliner Construct Series
Proliner Door Series
Prodim Door and Window software packages

Proliner CS series

Proliners of the Construction serie are durable and designed to be used in tough working conditions. They provide all you need to measure, to check and to edit digital templates on site. 

Proliner Door Series

The Proliner Door Series are totally self contained units, specifically designed to be used in the door industry. This compact device is a perfect addition to your production process. Contact us for more information if you are interested in this specific Proliner.

Prodim Door & Window

This special measurement software for on your Proliner will guide you through your measurement and has all necessary basic functionalities to finish your drawing on the job site.
Proliner CT
 Proliner stairs
Proliner tripod  Proliner backpack

Proliner CT

Proliner CT software offers additional functionalities to completely finalize the digital templates of countertops and backsplashes on-site.

Proliner Stairs

Proliner Stairs offers a unique solution to the task of measuring and fabrication of stair coverings.

Proliner Accessories

Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extentions pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen.

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