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The Proliner: Leading in measuring Furniture, Doors and Windows


Prodim originally developed the Proliner specifically for the door industry. For many years now, Prodim has supplied the industry with accurate measurement tools and more.

With the Proliner it takes seconds to create a digital drawing for every opening. The digital templating device is an efficient and accurate tool for the Door & Window industry that will increase productivity enormously. It will help create a finished product with an even reveal and seamless connection. With the Proliner it is so easy to create a digital file that the new challenge is to automatically CNC those files.

Prodim has also automated factories worldwide by linking the measurement files with the production. Our vast experience in CAD/CAM automation for door factories worldwide to cope with digital measurements is unsurpassed. We can honestly say we changed the industry.

See our digital templating solutions in action

Watch our demonstration videos explaining how the Proliner and Prodim Factory software is used for various furniture, doors or windows projects.

Proliner Packages

At Prodim, one of our main goals is to help our customers achieve true efficiency in their processes. all of our products therefore include a level of user friendliness which in combination with the many product capabilities and our tailored advice sets you up for success! Specifically for your industry, we have developed the Furniture Door and Window (FDW) and the Door Pro package, from which later emerged the FDproW combination package.

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Proliner FDW Package

The solution for carpenters, joineries, in/exterior custom projects and more!

Measure in versatile multi-dimensional space
Edit measurements and relevant info on-site
Extract convenient PDF and DXF files

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Proliner Door Pro Package

This is the ideal templating package for the higher output Door Professionals!

Prepare projects in detail
Integrate custom tolerances for deviations and offsets
Achieve the perfect fit with GUIDED measurements
Simplify the link to manufacturing
Elevate your process to mass-customisation levels

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Proliner FDproW Package

This package combines both FDW and Door Pro to cater to the needs of carpenters, joineries and other companies with a high output in doors next to other activities in for example in/exteriors, furniture, windows and many more!

Combine and do everything you can do with the separate products of this combination package

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User experiences from within the FDW industry

Many of our customers have been very happy with their Proliner package for years. Doors, windows, window sills, frames, interior, cupboards, wooden floors or ceilings… whatever they make, they all have the same goal: the end result must fit! Below you will find some of the many references from satisfied customers.

Proliner apps, tools and Factory software

Prodim does everything to make your workflow as smooth and easy as possible. We have developed dedicated apps on the Proliner, dedicaded helpful measuring tools, smartphone apps for easy connection and PC software to connect work site, office and production. Get the best flow ever!

Screenshots - Prodim Proliner software - CT app

Proliner Apps

The Proliner can be equipped with a variety of templating apps for a variety of projects. These apps provide everything you need to measure, check and edit your digital templates on the spot. More information.

Prodim Proliner Smartphone Apps

Prodim Smartphone apps

Various apps designed to help provide the best digital templating flow. Like the Proliner File Transfer app for sending Proliner project data from on-site directly to the office. More information.

Screenshots - Prodim Factory software - Stone industry solutions

Prodim Factory software

The PC templating software that connects seamlessly to your Proliner. With Prodim Factory you can manage and digitize your business processes from one platform. More information.

Prodim Proliner accessories

Tools & Accessories

Designed to make measuring jobs even easier we offer various accessories for the Proliner like extension pieces and add-ons for the measuring pen. More information.

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