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Attend the 2-day advanced Proliner training course for the Stone Industry


We are proud to announce the Proliner Digital Templating Days: a gathering where you can learn about cutting-edge digital templating solutions, including demonstrations and training with the Proliner. This event introduces participants and teaches them how to work with the Proliner and Prodim Factory software.

There is limited space available to participate in the training sessions during the Digital Templating Days. This training session is a basic+ or intermediate session intended for rehearsal/refresher, practical optimization and to provide insight into the extensive possibilities. During this training we will measure and process various project types in one plane, for example kitchens (worktop and back wall), stairs and fireplaces. We use our own unique Factory Draw software for editing and we can also show our Factory Draw Advanced software. This is the perfect opportunity to learn the basics+ of the Proliner and our software, and have a face-to-face session with our experts!


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Digital Templating Days 2024