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Pinacar: “The Proliner is a great addition to the stone industry!”

For Pinacar ‘There are no boundaries for the beauty of the stone’ and their projects come to prove that.
Located in an easily accessible part of Spain – Tomelloso – right in the hub of land communications between Levante, Andalusia, and Madrid, the Spanish company carries 20 years of experience in the stone industry.
They dedicate themselves to the installation of natural stones (such as marble, onyx, quartz, and granite among others), facades, interiors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, and swimming pools, in addition to others.
Pinacar has a clear goal: to achieve excellence. Their products meet customers’ demands, while still respecting the environment and safety at all times.
Pedro Javier Carretero Madrid, manager at Pinacar, was delighted to explain how the Proliner contributes to their business for almost 16 years:
“We got to learn about the Proliner at a fair in Madrid years ago and we received a demo and immediately liked it! We do about 20 measurements per week with the Proliner Stone package.
A much better solution than the laser measurement alternatives. The Proliner is accurate, flexible, and easy to use. Besides that, it increases our production and eliminates measurement errors: two of the reasons why we invested in the first place.
I travel all over the world with the Proliner for the completion of projects: Holland, Belgium, Qatar, Algeria, etc. A great addition to the stone industry!”

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