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The Proliner allowed Granitos Víctor to step into the digital world!

Mr. Victor Rodriguez, the owner of Granitos Victor based in Pontevedra, Spain, first saw the Proliner at the Piedra fair in Madrid many years ago. After having heard from multiple branch colleagues that the Proliner was the best tool for providing accurate measurements, Victor decided to invest in a Proliner Stone Package along with the Factory Fabricator Software. He now uses them both for more than 8 years to template, edit, and deliver all kinds of stone fabrication and installation projects.

After almost 10 years of using Prodim’s solutions for the stone industry, Victor was eager to share his experience:

“Using the Proliner in my work is a pleasure. It is easy to use, and very accurate.  Now, I don’t have to adjust measurements, and the stone fits perfectly every time. I can see a major difference in work now and before when I didn’t have this amazing measuring device! Before I would take hours on-site measuring a project. Now it takes me only 2 minutes to measure, then edit on the Prodim Factory Fabricator Software and then send my files straight to production.”

Granitos Victor has been able to deliver unique results in numerous projects. Victor also mentioned his early days with the device:

“When I decided to invest in the Proliner, I thought, – if I could, I would have bought it sooner! The Proliner continues to have a significant impact not only on our workflow but also on our company. We were forced to purchase a CNC machine, thus enabling us to step into the digital world.”

He ended by saying: “Prodim has a lot of available videos that not only teach you but inspire you to learn and grow. Now, more and more customers are asking me to take digital measurements using the Proliner on-site.  I would particularly like to thank the manager Jorge, who is always up-to-date on our projects and follows up with his customers. With the Proliner, their customer service, and their unique technology, we have learned, improved, and changed the whole way we work now.”