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Digital templating technology: Proliner VS laser

Do you want the best digital templating solutions for your stone company? Then compare laser and Proliner measurement technology based on facts.

The main advantages of the Proliner
and measuring with a wire:


– Best accuracy of the industry

– 4 to 40 times faster measurement

– No manual check before each measurement

– Reliable and durable technology

– High economy of life

Laser compared to Proliner, the facts:


No aiming inaccuracies X V
No target positioning inaccuracies X V
No extra angular measuring inaccuracies X V
Measure intricate detail X V
Measure in space X V
Combine drawings with inbuild leap without great accuracy loss X V
Measure in sunlight without problems X V
Measure every color without problems X V
Measure in dusty rooms or fog X V
Measure metal structures without reflection problems X V
Measure mirrors or glass without problems X V
Total system accuracy Architect level Fabricator+ level

Ask Proliner users about their experiences

Learn from the user experiences of other companies. Feel free to contact our customers.

Prodim Proliner user Lang & Potter

Lang & Potter: “We considered using laser technology, but this does not work in the marine industry due to reflections from the sun and water. Proliner technology does not have these problems and is far more efficient and accurate in use.”

Prodim Proliner user LIKHOME

LIK Home: “We compared the Proliner to laser measurement technology and concluded that measuring with the Proliner is faster and more accurate. In fact, we measured a kitchen island with a laser 3-times and got 3 different measurement results.”

Prodim Proliner user Art Granite

Art Granit: “After testing both Proliner and laser technology we came to the conclusion that the laser is not as accurate as the Proliner. The software that comes with the Proliner is also easier to understand and the fact that Prodim develops the Proliner software themselves gives us more confidence in case we need support looking towards the future.”

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