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DC Measure & Detail: “Without the Proliner, this project could have easily been a headache for years to come!“

DC Measure & Detail is a company from Adelaide, Australia offering digital measurements, detailing services, and project management throughout the benchtop, joinery, and building industries. Dave Curtis tells more about a project he made with the help of the Proliner Stone package:

“The scope of the project was a curved tapered wall room that required seating all around, dodging power points in the wall and questions of what depth of the seat and headspace is required for people to comfortably sit without banging heads on walls.  So we first set contour at floor level, found the center of the room (arc), and recorded that. We then ‘Prolined’ the whole circumference at floor level, 452mm seat reference, and 875mm head reference heights.

When it came to editing, the first thing we realized was that the walls were not equal angles in all sections as the subsequent center points of the curves moved 30mm as we worked upwards. The Proliner didn’t move so that was the only conclusion that could be made and proved to be correct.

From the arcs and other information we were able to collect with the Proliner, we created the wall angle at various radial points which allowed us to draw clear arcs at differing heights where we created joinery dividers, tops, and rails as the base construction of the seating required, which could all be machined and manufactured in the factory with a minimum, if any, site fitting/trimming required.

When completed the result was a well-fitted ergonomic seat that satisfied the requirements of the client and offered a clear headspace of a tapered rear wall that could have easily been a headache for years to come!“