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Fabritek: “With the Proliner, there is no need for the placement of targets or a fixed set-up!”

Coco Tile, from Ottawa, in Canada, is a professional third-generation tile setter and installer. Their projects include porcelain tile fireplaces, kitchen countertops, rounded cabinets, sinks, planters, cladded columns, ceiling installations, large-format tile installations, custom shower cabins, mosaic floors and much more. They decided to improve their production process and upgrade to digital templating so the Proliner Stone package and the Prodim Factory software were the best matches. Danny Miner, from Fabritek, in Ottawa, a construction company which measures and fabricates for Coco Tile, explains:

“Before the Proliner, we had a laser machine but it is not the same at all. The Proliner is faster, more accurate and there is no need for the placement of targets or a fixed set-up. Besides that, the portability of the Proliner for measuring on-site is also an advantage and the embedded software enables us to edit measured digital templates and prepare them as production files.

It is amazing to measure a backsplash with the Proliner in one go!”

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