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Prodim Factory software – Stone industry solutions

Screenshots - Prodim Factory software - Stone industry packages

Eliminate all uncertainty before installment!

It is a proven fact that on-site measuring with the Proliner gets the most accurate digital templates in the fastest and easiest way. Prodim Factory software maintains the high quality and ease of use while preparing the digital templates for production and more!

The latest improvements enable stone templators and fabricators to design their projects while making use of views in 2D and 3D. The software will help prevent mistakes beforehand by alerting the operator when problems occur, like the collision of solids. That is how you can eliminate all uncertainty before installment!

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Proliner- smart - automatic- photo - calibration

Now with smart automatic photo calibration

To digitize the slabs, you need to transform an ordinary picture of a slab in the correct and realistic representation, especially when you intend to use the slab for nesting and vein-matching. Usually, they would not be easy tasks to deal with.
Fortunately, Factory Fabricator (in specific: Slab Creator module) contains photogrammetry technology that is exactly capable of doing that, just one click away,  without you having to struggle at all with the complicated science.

Unique Characteristics:

  • Automatic corrections (lens and perspective) = no technical knowledge needed
  • Precise dimensioning = precise results and realistic nesting
  • Continuous calibration = adjusting every time. No surprises
  • Various Methods = to match any situation and setup
  • Guided steps = easy and fast. No space for mistakes



Prodim Factory 5.x


The latest software release “Prodim Factory 5.x” gives manufacturers even more control.
Proliner measurements can now be easily combined with real life site pictures.
This provides greater insight and a project control that has never been achieved before in the industry.

More awareness, less mistakes, better quality

Choose the Prodim Factory software package that suits your needs best

& Watch the video below to see its full potential


Factory Draw

Prodim Factory software package - Draw icons



Prodim Factory software package - Draw screenshots

Factory Draw Advanced

Prodim Factory software package - Draw Advanced icons



Prodim Factory software package - Draw Advanced screenshots

Factory Fabricator

Prodim Factory software package - Fabricator icons



Prodim Factory software package - Fabricator screenshots