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Marble Design Studio: “The Proliner leaves nothing to chance!”

Marble Design Studio (founded in 2021) from London, UK, is a company in the design and installation field. Their life motto is “the perfect house is like a perfect person”. Tony Henriques, who is experienced in the stone industry, launched Southern Stone in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 2010. At the same time, Igor Rogerio launched Rogerio Properties, a property development company in the commercial space. Because Tony and Igor have a common passion for design and a shared background in construction they decided to relocate to London and establish Marble Design Studio Ltd, in 2021.

Marble Design Studio specializes in tailor-made interiors such as bathrooms, kitchen worktops, fireplaces, and stairs by using the finest marble, natural stones, and engineered stones from all over the world. They already knew about the Proliner and they used it in the past. The two owners decided to invest in the ultimate digital measuring technology of the newest Proliner Stone Package. In this way, Marble Design Studio could speed up the process of its projects.

Tony proudly shared more of their latest development, a massive project of 7 buildings in Central London. “The Proliner was the key to the success of the project as it allowed us to survey various items like tea points, vanity tops, and reception desks in various locations on the same day. Traveling into London is a nightmare on most days, so we capitalized on fewer trips into London for surveys.

We use the Proliner in every single project we get involved in, from kitchen tops, vanity tops, staircases, and large-format porcelain cladding to bathrooms. The Proliner leaves nothing to chance. It has proven to be the most accurate, reliable, efficient, and flexible digital templating solution for us!”

The Proliner is the ultimate solution for stone operators and fabricators. With the Proliner you can measure straight, curved, and very complex shapes instantly. You can calculate any object in a horizontal, vertical, or slanting position. Check, edit, and finalize templates on-site and then send the files immediately to production. The digital drawing can be used to operate your CNC machine, print or cut your plots, or as a basis for your design.

Marble Design Studio implemented such technology and has now changed its way of working. Tony told us that without the Proliner, it would be a completely different situation. He said:  “We previously had to survey by hand with a tape measure or make templates with Correx sheets. Then do a DXF drawing manually, which would take hours. And then send it for cutting on our CNC machines. Now we import the DXF from the Proliner straight to the CNC Machines. Sometimes we Import the DXF into the software to do a Shop Drawing for the customer to approve and then send it for cutting on the CNC Machines.”


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