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Mármoles Castán: “The Proliner allows us to eliminate incidents with measurements!”

Mármoles Castán, from Zaragoza, Spain, is a family business with more than 40 years of experience in decoration, construction, and funeral services related to the stone industry. Projects involving kitchens, baths, facades, coverings, flooring, furniture, tombstones, graves, and chapels are included in their expertise. Having decided to go for the Proliner Stone package, manager Raúl explains more:

“The Proliner is unique in its range. Despite not having many incidents with measurements, we wanted to minimize them to zero, which is what the Proliner allows us!

He pointed out that “it is not so much the time you save when measuring, -which is significant-, but the tranquility with which you leave after having measured; no matter how good a professional you are, human error is always there.”

Raúl emphasizes that thanks to the Proliner all the countertops are equally easy or difficult to measure, although he highlights the “speed, simplicity and precision, and of course, the predisposition of the Prodim team to help you whenever you need it. In our case, Jorge and Tiago have always been up to the task.”

In his opinion, time optimization is not really measuring, but positioning. “Knowing that everything is going to go well is total control over a process in which there are always surprises. Thanks to the Proliner they are minimized to almost zero!”

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