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Marmoles Palomo SL: “Without the Proliner, the realization of our projects would have been arduous and very costly!”

Founded in 1962 by Mateo Palomo Martínez, Mármoles Palomo is a Spanish company, located in Jaén, Spain, with many years of experience in the stone sector. In 1997 they decided to take a big leap and made a large investment to create new facilities with infrastructure and technology that have not stopped expanding. Then in 2003, Mármoles Palomo was already producing marble, granite, natural stone, and Silestone products and derivates, as well as assembling countertops and developing new products, being pioneers in the sector and in the province in obtaining it.

Nowadays, Mármoles Palomo offers a variety of marble, granite, compact, and porcelain products to suit all tastes and needs of our customers. Their current products include stairs, kitchen countertops, facades, shower trays, counters, fireplaces, and bathtubs, among others.

The Proliner Stone Package is a great contribution to the company’s development.  Francisco Javier Palomo Garcia, manager at Mármoles Palomo, explains how: “If it wouldn’t be for the Proliner, the realization of our projects would have been arduous and very costly!”

Francisco also describes the process of one of their projects, a curved countertop (pictured above):
Using the Proliner, we could do the measurements on-site within 15 minutes (even though the curved countertop had several obstacles). We then edited them in our factory in just 30 minutes. The job was then cut with a WaterJet CNC using the compatible .dxf files.

The truth is that I couldn’t be happier with the Proliner, with the time it saves us, and the accuracy of the measurements! It’s ground-breaking!


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