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Prodim Proliner user Stone Distribution Center Fireplace3

SDC: “We cannot imagine working without the Proliner and Factory software anymore!”

Stone Distribution Center (SDC) is a family owned company from Denver, Colorado, in the USA. Since 2005, they are specialized in the fabrication and installation of natural stone countertops, islands, bathrooms, bar tops, fireplaces, furniture, tub surrounds, tile, etc. After having years of measuring experience with the Proliner Stone package, they decided to invest in the Prodim Factory Fabricator software.

Salvador from the company: “Prodim Factory Fabricator allows us to quickly edit all of our measurements, create solids, and feel confident that what we are going to cut will fit without any issues thanks to the collision detection feature. We can nest our production pieces exactly in the way we want onto the slab. After that, a DXF-file is created and the finished product can be visualized before sending to production. It is incredible to see how smooth and fast the digital templating goes with the Proliner and Prodim Factory software.”

He continues: “Recently we have had an online training session which immediately allowed us to learn and use the Multiple Planes function of the Proliner and also the Prodim Factory software skills for a fireplace project. This was our first time taking on a job this big and we could not imagine doing it without the Proliner and Prodim Factory Fabricator software.”

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