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Proliner Stone Interior Advanced Package

The advanced package for projects with multiple surfaces. Create your digital templates in multiple plane. Create solids, fix collisions, and eliminate all uncertainty before installment!
Watch the video and see if this package suits you or contact us for a tailored solution.



The best accurate portable measuring device

Save up to 4 times more time per project



Template a wide range of multi-surface projects

Measure or trace rough surfaces or detailed parts



High economy of life / It lasts and keeps high value

Add material thickness to your design and detect collisions.

Check out what you can do more if you expand this package

With the Proliner Interior Advanced Package you are ready for every 2D or 3D measurement and ready for the future! But you still can do more:

  • This package includes the Factory Draw Advanced software, but you can expand this package (now or later) with the full Factory Fabricator software.
    With this software extension you can use photos and dimensions to create your digital slabs and easily set up a digital library and inventory.
    Vein Match all your designed pieces and create your production ready layouts.
  • The Proliner in this package contains the Proliner stairs app, with which you can easily measure stairs for covering.
    This app has been developed to link directly with the Factory Fabricator software.
    With these two combined you can create, match and nest all steps and risers on your digital slabs in an instant.


Expand with Factory Fabricator

Prodim Stairs + Match in Factory Fabricator

What do our customers say about our Proliner packages

We think it’s very important to receive feedback from our customers. We often discuss projects and challenges they encounter in the field. This way we can work together towards the best products, tools and solutions. But sometimes things like the Proliner are just right! Below you will find some of the many positive messages.