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The Proliner has proven to be the key to achieving faster and more perfect results for Marindek

MARİNDEK, based in Maltepe, Turkey, dedicates itself to delivering premium marine decking solutions for boat owners. With the incorporation of the Prodim Proliner Decking Package into their processes, they have taken a significant leap in enhancing efficiency and precision in their marine solutions. Mehmet Fazlıoğlu, founder of MARİNDEK, is not only satisfied but thrilled with the positive impact the Proliner has had on their operations. He was very pleased to share his experience:

“As MARİNDEK continues to grow, the Proliner has become an indispensable tool for achieving unparalleled precision in designing and creating beautiful finishes. Using the Proliner means saving time. The Proliner has proven to be the key to achieving faster and more perfect results. I am overjoyed with it!

The innovative technology behind the Proliner Decking Package aligns seamlessly with MARİNDEK’s commitment to providing boat owners with decks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and reliable in all weather conditions. Today, the Prodim Proliner Decking Package remains integral to their success story, ensuring boat owners experience the utmost comfort and satisfaction with their marine projects.

He concluded: “Ever since I acquired the Proliner, my work has become noticeably more efficient and precise. The Proliner is like a great friend to me. I take pride in sharing all the special designs and beautiful finishes I create with my Proliner. I recommend it to anyone in the industry.”



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