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Carriage RV transforms heavy vehicles in motorhomes and tour buses with the help of the Proliner!

Carriage RV is one of the few companies located in Mens, France, specializing in the tailor-made transformation of heavy vehicles (such as buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles, trailers, and caravans) into motorhomes and tour buses.

It all started with a common passion for mountain biking, which requires traveling for several days. In 1995, Loïc Gaden, together with Alexia Beyaert tried to fit out in the reduced space of a Citroën C15 and succeeded. They tasted the freedom of this mode of transport, and from there, each sporting season saw the arrival of an ever more imposing vehicle. In 2007, their first “Made in Carriage” tour bus hit the road, and 14 others would follow.
Alexia Beyaert and Loïc Gaden were far from imagining that fitting out of their vans to join their competitions would lead them to set up their own company in this field.
Carriage RV has been transporting across France and Europe mainly artists,  musicians, and technicians on tour, but not all. Also, the company responds to specific requests such as bachelor/bachelorette parties, incentives, advertising, professional or personal travel, cinema, TV, transport of VIPs, sportsmen, and political figures, among others.
In 2020, Carriage RV decided to invest in the Proliner Automotive package. With such growth, they would need a measurement tool to help in the realization of their projects. They have been recommended by a Proliner user about the Proliner and loved the principle of it.
Loïc Gaden told us: “We use the Proliner in almost all our projects”!


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