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Fanavid: “The practicality of the Proliner is one of the many features that impress us!”

Fanavid – Fábrica Nacional de Vidros de Segurança LTDA – is an automotive security glass and bullet-resistant glass company founded in 1963 by Mansur Jose Farhat and located in Garulhos, São Paulo, Brazil. Diversity and innovation are part of Fanavid’s life motto and it brings into its DNA the constant search for excellence in the quality of its products and in satisfying the needs of its customers and collaborators.

Besides supplying vehicle assemblers and traders, security glass distributors, and distributors of glass for vehicles and architecture, the Brazilian company exports in several segments as well. The Proliner Glass Package and the Bent Glass software came to speed up the realization of the projects and the results speak for themselves! In conversation with the metrologist at Fanavid, Irineu Tavares Diniz, he told us:

“We use the Proliner every day! It is used for the digital templating of glass for motor vehicles and glass templates for architecture such as railings, doors, and shower cabins, among others. One of the many successful projects we completed with the help of the Proliner was a train windshield. (see the picture above). We started with measuring the glass on the vehicle using the Proliner, following the transformation of the points into lines and closing the surface.  We then used the software to transform the 3D surface into an unfolded 2D plane, making it flat. Finally, we obtained the real shape and size of the windshield glass.”

He added: “The practicality of the Proliner is one of the many features that impress us! The fact that we already visualize all the measurements on the Proliner at the time they are made, allows us to obtain great accuracy of the results.”


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