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Sauer GmbH: “You can call us ‘Lovers of the Proliner’!”

Started more than 100 years ago as a sculpting company, Sauer GmbH is located in Budenheim, Germany, and brings along baggage of history. Jean Sauer, a trained plasterer, and master sculptor founded his company in 1918 in Mainz’s Heringsbrunnengasse and counted on the support of his son Paul Sauer.  They focused on the preservation of stone as well as preserving its beauty over time.

Besides being recognized in the processing of stones, Sauer GmbH is also an important contact for stone transport for the Archaeological Institute in Mainz. Being passionate about their profession and the mixture of qualifications, experience and courage, allows Sauer GmbH to develop further and continually face new challenges, passing on their knowledge to the next generation!

Their specialities rely on restoration (preservation of monuments), interior design (making use of natural stone), sculpture and modern and historical facades.

In order to help with their measurement process and being able to increase their productivity, Sauer GmbH decided to invest in the Proliner Stone Package.

Architect Genti Herri tells us about their experience: “The Proliner is a useful tool for high-precision measurement. Regarding our use, we use it every day on different measurements, such as kitchen countertops, staircases, and facade elements, among others. You can call us ‘Lovers of the Proliner’!”

He added: “All the time we measure, we take the Proliner with us and we don’t use other measurement tools anymore. The transformation from measurement to DXF is so easy! No matter the condition of the measurement, the weather, or the light, the Proliner does a brilliant job! To summarize, with it, we can measure everything, everywhere!”

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