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Prodim Proliner user Andre Celis Natuursteen

Proliner measurements are key in the digital production process of Andre Celis

Andre Celis is well known Belgian company which offers a variety of products and services, including natural stone constructions for in and outside. Andre Celis provides a full service: they measure, fabricate and install the stone constructions all themselves. For measuring they use a Proliner CS for a couple of years now and employees Jan Broekmans and Toon van de Broeck followed a Proliner training to learn to get the most out of working with the Proliner as well.

Jan Broekmans of Andre Celis: “about five years ago the management decided to invest in the digitization of their production process. Therefore they invested in a Proliner to create digital templates for their stone constructions on-site and use the Proliner measurements as input for their new CNC machinery. Being convinced of the accuracy of the Proliner and the improvements it has brought, the Proliner plays a key role in our total production process for years now. In fact we are not allowed to measure with anything but the Proliner!”


Andre Celis Natuursteen website