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Prodim Proliner user Instrument Glasses

The Proliner will enable Instrument Glasses to take on more projects and expand their business!

Instrument Glasses (Enfield, UK) fabricate bespoke precision glass constructions for many different industries. They invested in a Proliner CS to create digital templates of splashbacks, cabinets, balustrades and more as Steven Pope and Kevin Vadja explain:

“At the moment we measure everything by hand, draw sketches and create digital files for our CNC machinery at the office. The whole process can easily take a couple of hours to finish. By templating glass constructions with the Proliner on-site we will win a lot of valuable time, since measuring and processing the templates to production-ready CNC files is easier and much faster.

The Proliner will also be used for measuring physical templates that are send to us for production. Creating a digital template with the Proliner will take only a few minutes for which the scanner on our CNC sometimes needs more than an hour to finish. We can now use our CNC for production only, making this a win-win situation.

We can use the time we save to take on extra projects and the fact that the Proliner can measure random glass shapes accurately, enables us to expand our business activities and realize even more challenging glass projects!”


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