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Prodim ProCutter

Prodim ProCutter

Simplify your production process with the ProCutter. Easily connect the ProCutter Plotter to the Proliner host software or CAD program and create the Winning Team. First measure your objects digitally and then immediately produce a physical template. This template may be useful to show your customer how an object will look like or you may need it to cut your stone, wood or glass.

The ProCutter is also very useful for companies that do not have a CNC machine. Use the ProCutter Plotter as a check after a measurement or production.

ProCutter: Cutting and Drawing


The ProCutter has a unique drag-knife cutting technology that makes it one of the most popular affordable priced cutters in the world. Adjustable media support rollers and roll-end flanges make it easy to load your vinyl straight every time. Within minutes a template can be cut from the foil. The result is a perfect model of the measured object. You can also manually switch to drawing to plot notes, marks or any text on the foil.

Prodim ProCutter - Foil

The ProCutter features a large, easy-to-use control panel that allows you to quickly and easily change settings, such as speed, pressure and plot mode. You can save settings in 4 user-defined configurations for even faster switching between your favorite cutter settings. The ProCutter has exclusive software, with which you can adjust settings and define your saved settings straight from your Windows PC.

The foil can be perfectly used on wet surfaces. The length of each roll is 100 m and the width is 100 cm. Each roll of foil has a thickness of 0,15 mm in the color blue.